• Our services are hosted on our own private servers in a Coresite datacenter in Chicago.

    Powered by Alt-V

    Additionally, we utilise computing power from Google and Amazon.

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  • Launch of SSO service

    Following extensive redevelopment we have launched the pilot for our new Single Sign On solution.
    This new service allows us to provide web apps with logon requirements that go beyond the simple username/password solutions.


    Highlights :

    • A single client profile controls access to all services and allows clients to move between services seamlessly.
    • Stronger authentication allows us to specify applications that require additional credentials, like fingerprints or One Time Tokens.
    • Cross-domain architecture allows third party applications to join the circle of approved apps and accept signed in users.
    • Increase trust by forcing users who want to use their gmail or facebook logins to provide additional credentials like a fingerprint as above.

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